March, 1st

Whenever someone travels, anticipation takes over at first. Lovers are not the only ones with butterflies in their stomaches - before going on an adventure of this kind you also start to feel funny. Did we think of everything? Have we packed all we will need? Are all the appliances turned off? No fawcet dripping? That were the things on our minds during the last night in Bremen until the alarm saved us at 6 am. We took our time making tea, cutting up fruits for Gisela, zipping up our bags, then called a cab and off to the station we went.

"Vacation from the first minute on" was the promise of the German Bundesbahn - and it actually worked. No delays on our way to Frankfurt and at the airport everything worked out as planned. Unfortunately Cathay Pacific upgraded us to business-class only for the first part of our flight. That stretch went really fast. Tailwinds of up to 100km/h blew us through Flight area 365.

The landing at Chep Lap Kok Hong Kongs new airport, was very unspectacular. Endless corridors and absolutely NO place to smoke. That was a tough one for Gisela. When we finally found a room where smoking was permitted - you couldn't stand the fumes in it, you had to be a very committed smoker to stay in there!

In the departure area we came across the Plaza Premium Lounge. For 200 Hong Kong-Dollars you can get access to a massagechair, snacks, free internet-access and - very important - a shower.

After an 11 hour flight and 7 more hours to kill until our next takeoff it does feel quite refreshing to run some warm water over your head. But somehow we are still a little restless. How will we cope with the timedifference? Did our microlights arrive in one piece? Will we find help to unload our gear? How will we manage with the climate change?

Gisela is all positive and encouraging: "Wolle, we will be just fine!"

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