March, 2nd

We are finally here - or let's say there - down there - where we wanted to be. We arrived in Oz, down under, in Aussie-Land. And our first impression? People do not walk upside down just because this is the downside of the globe! The folks are very friendly, almost everything seems to be just like what we are used to with one exception: IT IS HOT!

Perth International "You should have been here a week ago - then it was really warm", that's what we heard and 'really warm' for an Australian means anything above 35 degrees C!

But we should start at the beginning... Everything worked out just fine with the hotelroom we had booked on the internet, they had even received notice that we would check in well after midnight! After a short, deep sleep the first thing on our "to do" list was to rent a car. Once on the road we had to try and get used to driving on the left side of the road again "Wolle, please stay left...".The first intersections were a challenge, so were our roadmaps that are very specific but just different to what we are used to.

Next stop: A visit at the Hellmann Office. The branch in Perth is only a year old. No comparison to their offices in Bremen. Andrew Perer, who is the manager, had prevented the customs officer from inspecting our container too closely. Everything worked out fine, there were no problems and the container will be delivered tomorrow around noun. We got ourselves an Australian phonecard. So now we are connected again. For anyone who would like to reach us: dial the country code for Australia and then 04 09 29 725. And please mind the time-difference!

We couldn't get a hold of Rob Ozanne, our contact in Perth, so we set out to explore the city. We took a boat-ride on the Swan-River, then a bus through town. We'll tell you more about that later. This town has lots and lots of bars, asian restaurants and the famous 'Tap-dog-boots' by Blundstone are sold for about a third of what Gisela had paid...

In the evening we met up with an old friend from Bremen - or let's say from Radio Bremen, but you have to wait until tomorrow to find out more about that. We did manage to get directions to Serpentine Airfield - but it doesn't sound like it's easy to find... The place must be hidden quite well. But we have the key to the hangar and to the clubhouse and we'll just go and see tomorrow. And a final note: After numerous failures and a lot of cursing we finally managed to get access to the Internet via T-Online's new international links.

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