Flying is fun...

...but surfing on the net also has it´s delights. And before you start to roam randomly through the expanse of the net, allow us to suggest a few selected addresses from which we could glean some useful tips which have helped us and information which is important to know or just things which have to do with our flight from Perth to Sydney.

You can also find a bunch of trike-pilots in Australia. One of them is Daniel Rock.His homepage is spiced up with an ample amount of australian humor and gives you a good idea about the area where our adventure will begin.

Perth is the biggest city in West-Australia and marks the starting point of our route across the 'red continent'. In the beginning of March, the city plays host to a cultural festival. There will be theater and dance performances, art shows and concerts by australian as well as international artists. We have to find out whether there will be any german participants. - a good collection current and relevant information on Australia and travelling there. There is a newsletter in the Abo.

This is how we germans are in Australia - a tourist-guide writes about her experiences with 20 german tourists.

A train travelling nowhere - but this train, The Ghan, travels to Alice Springs to bring us and other tourists to the legendary Ayer´s Rock.

Richard and Glenn also live 'down under' and are enthusiastic UL-pilots.

Others have flown further than us and have certainly experienced more. We read Brians´report of his hindrance-packed flight around the world with suspense.

Something we can´t beat: the three britons who have already travelled the whole of the continent with three trikes. They also kept a journal.

Since we are by round the world trips: a spaniard travelled from Madrid to Oshkosh.

Ultralight pilots have to be well organised, otherwise they find it difficult to push through their interest with the authorities. For triker and all other UL-pilots, this means the German Ultralight-Association.

Talking of associations: In Germany, there are two organisations which show a kind leaning towards UL-pilots: the DAeC. More information can be found on this on the page of Ralf Groß.

The Ultralight pilots in Australia have also naturally formed their own association.

Well, we are not the only ones who are on their way... Our friends Mike Blyth from South-Africa and Oliver Aubert from Switzerland take off in a few days for a trip around the Pacific. Their starting point is Chile's southernmost point and at the beginning of the new milenium, they are planing to arrive in Tasmania with their trikes. We wish them the best of luck!