Who is so mad...

... to fly through Australia in microlights, you might ask yourself! That happens to be the same question we have asked ourselves many times while flying 'down under'. Anyhow, we would like to introduce ourselves to you. And as 'Ladies first" also works in Aviations, we would like to start with some facts and numbers on Gisela Boellhoff.

She is 45 years old and works as system manager for data-entry at the Unilever-company. She started out as a parachutist and took up microlighting in 1988. Since 1990 she has been a regular participant at the German Championships. In 1991 she succeeded in being the first woman ever to win the title of German Champion. In 1992 she took part in the Round-Britain-Race, one of the toughest microlight-rallyes in Europe. Since 1990 she particitpated on almost every European- and World-Championships. She has always been the only female pilot competing. We went on our first 'adventure' in 1995: "Coast-to-Coast" with our microlights from Los Angeles to New York, covering more than 4,500 kilometres. In 1996 she was the pilot of the first ever female crew at the microlight World Championship in Cato Ridge, South Africa. Gisela has been staying in Bremen for twelve years now and lives with Wolfgang Lintl.

Who is the man on her side? His name is Wolfgang Lintl, he is 50 years old and has already collected everything you might want to know about him on his homepage.

Wolfgang works as news-editor and anchor on the "Buten & Binnen" program at the local tv-station. In his spare time he writes for several aviatic magazines like Aerokurier, Fliegermagazin, DULV-Info and Fluegel der Welt. After trying out gliding as an adolescent, he picked up hanggliding in 1981. Three years later he received his microlight-license. Since 1989 he participated in almost every German-, European-, and World Championships. From time to time he also acts as Coach for the German Team. Best rankings:

3 times German Champion, ranked fifth in European Championships, ranked 11th in World Championships and ranked 6th at the Round Britain Race. In 1995 he started with Gisela Boellhoff on thier "Coast-to-Coast" Flight from L.A. to N.Y.

He has been living with Gisela Boellhoff for the past twelve years. He also acts as sports advisor for the microlight-pilots of both th DAeC and the DULV.