latest update: 07/31/99

...that was the aim that we - Gisela Boellhoff and Wolfgang Lintl had set ourselves for 1999: Fly on the other side of the world in our microlights. See where the boomerang comes from and to check out kangaroos from close by. Having spend six weeks in Australia, including 17 days in the air and covering 5,800 kilometres we have acquired the following knowledge: You cannot make out kangaroos from up in the air, Australia is gigantic and Aussies are even more friendly and helpful than we had expected.

During our trip we reported our adventure almost daily via the Internet to keep you posted on the experiences we made, whom we met along the way and what problems we ran into with wind and weather conditions. During our travels, we took great comfort and support from the guestbook entries by friends and strangers alike.

Now we have concluded this adventure and prey upon our memories. Anyone interested in Australia and/or in Aviation might want to stroll through this website to learn more about the experiences we made. We would also like to invite you to visit our 'diary' section where you can recapture our journey on a day to day basis. You will find numerous 'links' to websites having to do with Australia and last but not least you can check out the 'news' section for updates on us and our latest flight plans.


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